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Average Customer Review:4.5 ( 840 customer reviews )
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5NOT COUNTERFEIT  Aug 07, 2010 By karups "karups"
SD-card counterfeiting is truly rampant online (e.g. eBay). A 2GB card is modified to look like a 16GB card (both the packaging and the actual interface circuit, so it even tricks your computer). The card works fine until you use more than 2GB; then data corruption occurs.

This 16GB card is a good 40% cheaper than anywhere else I've seen, so I was initially very suspicious. Amazon is certainly reputable; however, in this case the seller is some third party (BoBoTECHNIC), and Amazon is shipping it on their behalf.

"H2testw" is a standard program used to verify SD card legitimacy. It writes a bunch of data to the card and then makes sure that it reads back exactly what it wrote. I am happy to report that the card passes the test.

Incidentally, the card holds 14.8GB (differs from 16GB due to marketing tricks that SD card makers play). H2testw averaged about 3.4MByte/s on both reads and writes. It takes about an hour to transfer 15GB to the card.

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4Slow writes but worth it.  Oct 24, 2008 By pcx99 "pcx99"
The chip I got had a very slow write speed (<500kbps) And syncronizing 10 gigs of music files took many hours. However the read speed is fast enough for the music player and I've had no trouble with video files so the read speed is fine.

The long sync was so worth it. Having my entire music collection at my fingertips anywhere I go definitely made this a must-have upgrade for my phone.

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5Ordered Class 2 and got Class 4--good cards.  May 12, 2011 By A.Fenderson
I bought 2 of these cards from eTECH, but received Class 4 cards instead of Class 2. I can't fault the seller for thinking it was nothing but an upgrade, as the Class rating doesn't consider small-block random writes (which were relatively good for both cards), but this spec may possibly be important if you're running your OS from the actual card (Nook Color CM7 from SD, etc). Benchmarks are below for each card, and were taken on an internal card reader that's connected via USB to my mobo, prior to having written any data to the card. Neither of the cards quite hit the Class-4 promise of 4 MB/s sequential write speed--luckily that's not important for my usage, besides which, the item is listed as Class 2, and the cards do exceed Class 2 specs.

CrystalDiskMark 3.0.1 (C) 2007-2010 hiyohiyo
Crystal Dew World : [...]
* MB/s = 1,000,000 byte/s [SATA/300 = 300,000,000 byte/s]

Sequential Read : 4.183 MB/s
Sequential Write : 3.407 MB/s
Random Read 512KB : 4.126 MB/s
Random Write 512KB : 3.291 MB/s
Random Read 4KB (QD=1) : 0.958 MB/s [ 233.9 IOPS]
Random Write 4KB (QD=1) : 0.639 MB/s [ 155.9 IOPS]
Random Read 4KB (QD=32) : 1.191 MB/s [ 290.8 IOPS]
Random Write 4KB (QD=32) : 1.660 MB/s [ 405.2 IOPS]

Test : 50 MB [J: 0.0% (0.0/14.8 GB)] (x5)
Date : 2011/05/06 0:35:15
OS : Windows XP Professional SP3 [5.1 Build 2600] (x86)

CrystalDiskMark 3.0.1 (C) 2007-2010 hiyohiyo
Crystal Dew World : [...]
* MB/s = 1,000,000 byte/s [SATA/300 = 300,000,000 byte/s]

Sequential Read : 4.176 MB/s
Sequential Write : 3.360 MB/s
Random Read 512KB : 4.113 MB/s
Random Write 512KB : 3.221 MB/s
Random Read 4KB (QD=1) : 1.014 MB/s [ 247.6 IOPS]
Random Write 4KB (QD=1) : 1.646 MB/s [ 401.9 IOPS]
Random Read 4KB (QD=32) : 0.927 MB/s [ 226.3 IOPS]
Random Write 4KB (QD=32) : 1.500 MB/s [ 366.2 IOPS]

Test : 50 MB [J: 0.0% (0.0/14.8 GB)] (x5)
Date : 2011/05/06 0:44:50
OS : Windows XP Professional SP3 [5.1 Build 2600] (x86)

22 of 25 found the following review helpful:

3Spacious and quick, but not fast  Apr 22, 2009 By Jonathon Suggs "Jonathon"
So far I haven't had any major issues with the card other than some write errors using an internal card reader on a laptop (I believe it was the laptop's fault).

Moving from 1GB to 16GB of storage has really allowed to me put a lot more data (pics and music) on my phone (n95). It is definitely quick enough for playing music and snapping pictures, even 5MP ones. However, when I went to sync my 8GB of music it definitely took a while.

Bottom line is that it is a great value for the money, just don't expect blazing transfer speeds.

14 of 15 found the following review helpful:

5SanDisk 16GB conpatablable with Google G1  May 03, 2009 By Hardeep Singh
This product is great, not only did it come with an SD card Converter, but the card is compatible with the Google G1 phone. Which is the main purpose of me buying it, not only does it allow the convenience of having more space, I can store tons of files on the card and just pop it into the phone. The 16GB sandisk has the highest rating, best review and holds the highest capacity. If taking interest in purchasing one, rest assured that your money is not going to waste. The Micro SD is becoming one of the most commonly used memory card for phones, pda, GPS, etc. it's becoming the most used memory card for portable devices.

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